Alpha Estate. Harvest Report 2018

Harvest Report 2018

In Amyndeon (or Amintaion) season kicked off prior to bud brake with low temperatures and intense, but not many, snowfalls, filling the vines subsoils with adequate water and nutritive reserves for the upcoming growing season.

Despite the initial postponement, an arid April has led to an acceleration of growing stages. An early canopy setting and the two week precocity until berry setting is the result of high temperatures, high rainfalls and fickle weather during May. Yield seems to be estimated at 20% higher than average. By the end of May we were talking about an early harvest vintage confirmed by flowering at least a week in advance from region’s average. Climatic conditions occurring during May and June in Amyndeon constitute pressure conditions for the appearance of vine’s pest essentially coming from at the earlier stages (May) of vines physiology where rains were in abundance (100mm). Vine-growers who worked intensively and proactively in the vineyards, especially throughout this period are going to reach a healthy and high ripeness harvest. The cover crop inside vine lanes and the qualified and preventive vine phytosanitary scheme were imperatively required to come up against the high risk close to maturity disturbances.

Ideal weather conditions: quit high rainfalls around berry setting followed by an arid July (16mm) and almost arid August. Point of reference for the vintage is that between June 29th and September 26th we had only 82,2mm of rain of which more than half fell in a couple of hours, practically not affecting at all the physiology of the vines. That combined with the appearance of nocturne suitable temperature variations without season extremes and zero rainfalls during the first three quarters of September have resulted in an earlier, by at least 10 days and particularly high quality harvest. 

Important descriptive factor in the current vintage harvest is the exceptional acidity, met for the 1st time in the Amyndeon Appellation, combined with the high technological maturity of the grapes, as these have been recorded.

A very distinctive fact is that harvest for Xinomavro is being completed within September.

Moreover harvest is still underway as these lines are being written (23/09/2018) come visit the wineries in the Amyndeon Appellation and enjoy with us a really joyful harvest.

Angelos Iatridis