Axia Red in Ontario Canada

Welcome to our friends in Ontario, Canada who can now find our award winning AXIA Xinomavro / Syrah in LCBO stores across Ontario.

Angelos Iatrides set up Alpha Estate with his business partner and viticulturist Makis Mavridis in the late 1990s. Since their first experimental vintages in 2000 and 2001, their track record and steady progress, in terms of both quality and recognition, have been significant.

A proponent of high-quality indigenous grape varieties, Iatridis and Alpha are doing with this blend of the less-known Xinomavro, native to Greece, and the more widely recognised French variety Syrah is truly gratifying.

With AXIA, Iatridis’ goal is to expose the region's viticultural heritage and distinctiveness and also show off a vineyard's natural environment to its best advantage.

As Iatrides said, when interviewd by Jancis Robinson, just before they launched AXIA, 'No winemaker can deny that in a great terroir the special typical attributes and characteristics of many grape varieties could be elevated. Our Syrah could most definitively maintain the argument that the cultivation of this variety in Amyndeon is a case study (rich, powerful, typical).'

Alpha Estate, clearly extols the virtues of this part of north-western Greece: temperatures moderated by significant day-night temperature swings due to the elevation, by the cooling effect of the nearby lake and by constant winds as well as naturally low yields thanks to sandy soil but it also demonstrates the complementing nature of these two varieties.

We hope you will enjoy AXIA Xinomavro / Syrah and share it with your friends and family.

The team at ALPHA.

Makis Mavridis

Angelos Iatridis