Development and demonstrative operation of a small scale combined heat and power unit for the utilization of biomass residues (BIO2CHP)

The purpose of the current proposal is the development of a stand-alone energy production unit, which can utilize raw residual biomass for the small-scale (20-100 kWel) combined production of heat and power, on-site. EMISIA is collaborating with Hephaestus and Alpha Estate, to finalize all aspects of the product design and its production and commercialization at scale. The result will consist of a 20 kWel unit which will operate independently, controlled by an "intelligent brain", and will be placed inside a standard cargo container for easy transport and installation. It is expected that the unit will be able of reducing energy costs up to 100% and waste management costs up to 88%, increasing profitability and leading to payback periods of less than 3 years. The units will be initially introduced in the market of wineries in the Mediterranean region, and at a later stage to other agro-food sector industries, across Europe and the World.  

The project is co-funded by Greece, the European Union and the European Regional Development Fund

Sponsor:EYDE-ETAK, action "Research-Create-Innovate", EPANEK 2014-2020

Contractor:EMISIA, Hephaestus, Alpha Estate

Duration:01/2018 to 07/2021